Green Belt Certification

Course Description

Green Belt Certification is designed to motivate people to successfully apply White Belt training principles in their own organization, and as a result, eliminate waste and inefficiencies. This important next step requires making the development and delivery process visible, identifying the biggest source of waste, implementing a change to remove said waste, and documenting the impact of the improvement. A typical Green Belt improvement project lasts 4–6 months and requires a presentation of the results to peers in a workshop.

Certification Process

During the workshop, you will be required to review the improvement projects of the other participants. This will include providing feedback on what was done well, what was missed, and what other approaches participants can try. In this way, you will not only learn from your own application, but also from how these approaches work for different groups. You will then be required to present the results of your improvement project to the instructor and your peers.

The Green Belt will be certified based on the completeness of the mapping, the clarity of the biggest issue, and the impact of the improvement (documented with metrics).

Based on this visibility of the process, you must explain the biggest source of waste your project identified and how it was addressed. This will require using metrics to show what impact the change had on reducing the waste.

Improvement Project Presentation

The Green Belt Certification improvement project presentation will need to include the following:

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